Q: What is the repertoire requirement?

A: Please prepare music that is originally written for solo piano and is published. Transcriptions (ex. Liszt’s Paraphrase on Verdi’s Regoletto) are allowed, but easy arrangements of folk, popular and movie tunes are strongly discouraged.

Young Pianists
Each pianist will present a memorized program of two or three compositions.  The choice of the repertoire is up to the performer, but the program should represent contrasts in styles (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic, or Modern/Contemporary) and character (technically oriented, lyrical, etc.).  Students up to Grade 6 are recommended to present a program of 8-12 minutes, and 10-15 minutes for Grade 7 and up.  For scheduling purposes please limit the performance time no longer than 15 minutes.

Adult Amateur Pianists
Each pianist will present a program of approximately 15 minutes.  Memorization is optional and the repertoire is open as long as it is concert music written for the piano.


Q: Can I request a performance time that is more convenient for me?

A: Unfortunately, the director has no support staff to satisfy individual needs of the competitor and his/her family.  A quick answer is no, but in an extreme case an accommodation may be able to make.  In general, however, if you have other engagements on the day of the competition, you might consider not entering this year.